ALEXANDRA AND NATHAN DUNN Dog Groomers A quality and personal service based in the heart of Clifton, Bristol
CANCELLATION POLICY As an independent business, last minute cancellations can have a very negative effect on business earnings, making it difficult to book in another dog over that slot. Please give 24 hours notice before your appointment if you wish to cancel/re-schedule. If less than 24 hours notice is given, or you do not attend your appointment, then a cancellation fee will be added to your next bill. Thank you for your custom and loyal support ! :)
Dedicated Personal Grooming Service Your dog will be treated with care and attention, we will take our time to ensure a positive grooming experience that will keep the dog relaxed and content. We only take on a small amount of dogs per day and do not use kennels or cage dryers.
We are based at Rear Ground Floor Unit, 34 Alma Vale Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2HY (entrance round the corner from the music shop Electrofix, about twenty metres down Thorndale, through the double black doors) We take time to make grooming as enjoyable as possible for every single one of our furry clients. No kennels or cage dryers, a whole lot of love and cuddles! We look forward to welcoming you all in our salon! Alexandra and Nathan :)
Express tidy up Quick tidy up around your dog's feet and eyes - keep your dog looking smart between regular grooming appointments.
Full groom A full groom consists of a full health check, blasting to remove dead hair, shampooing with full body massage, cleaning of the ears and eyes and a full blow dry. Methods comprise of trimming, clipping or hand stripping to achieve the desired finish.
Puppy Introduction to grooming For puppies up to 7 months A nice and gentle introduction to grooming which includes a wash / dry, ear clean, nail clip and trim around the feet and face.
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